Am I qualified?

There is no definitive list of essential qualifications to serve as a Ottawa District School Board Trustee. Each candidate and each voter has to come to that determination on their own.

To me, the opportunity to serve with the Ottawa District School Board means contributing something positive toward the education of our children – something that benefits not only individuals, but the larger community, now and in the future.  This requires a strong commitment to ensuring we provide our young people with the absolute best educational resources possible.

Like many who work in the federal public service, I am not originally from Ottawa so I admittedly do not have the deep roots that others can claim. But this is my chosen home and where my children were born.

I grew up in rural central Ontario on a small farm in a family where hard work was paramount. I spent my summers and after school hours working with my Dad in the family construction business or tending to the animals. It was hard work.

Little did I know what influence this would have on me as an adult and a father. Hard work is a good thing and I have always put a full effort into anything I have engaged in.

And if elected, I will do so yet again.

My experiences in public service and in working with young people over the past decade have made me keenly aware of the diverse range of challenges faced by our educational system. By actively listening to your concerns and suggestions and working closely with parent groups and other citizens of this community, I am confident I can help meet those challenges.

  • I currently serve as a member of the Aladin Childcare Services Board of Directors
  • I have coached youth soccer for 10 years in Nepean and Gloucester
  • I served as Director of the University of Guelph’s Campus Childcare Cooperative Board of Directors
  • I served as Municipal Councilor, Chaired an Environment Committee, Committee of Adjustment, Recreation Committee and Waste Management Board

A Trustee should be an excellent communicator and an even better listener. My career over the past 13 years in Ottawa has required a keen attention to detail, the capacity to understand complex and voluminous amount of information quickly, and good analytical abilities.

But the most fun I have had in my job has been when I am asked to speak to a group of people about what I do. And when I am questioned, I listen carefully before responding. Then if required, take action to address the question.

As your Zone 6 Trustee, I can promise you I will bring to the position the same level of commitment and dedication as I devote to my career and my family. Our children’s education is as important to me as it is to you.


  1. Kim Peever says:

    Bonne Chance today Brother John!!

    I wish I had known that you were running earlier, I would have been able to help. Perhaps next time when you run for the Mayor’s job!!

    I know that you will be a great trustee. Thanks for your involvement in the community and your commitment to public service! You’re the best!

    Sister Kim

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