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Here we are folks. The day before the election.  Tomorrow, we will vote for our Trustees, Mayor and Councillors.

I have received so much encouragement from so many people…. got a call the other night that gave me the impetus to stay the course for a few hours more.

Here are the brass tacks: I will do as I say. I will listen. And I will respond.

The past few months have been really enjoyable. So many great folks in this community. So many great ideas.

I ask for the honour of your vote on Monday and I will put these great ideas into motion.


And yes, I know I look goofy below… it gets better.

October 20 2010
*For immediate release*
Trustee Brockington endorses John Marshall for Ottawa Carleton District School Board Zone 6 Trustee.
Public School Board Trustee Riley Brockington offered his endorsement on Wednesday to newcomer John Marshall for Zone 6 Trustee (Alta Vista and Rideau/Rockcliffe).
“Mr. Marshall has consistently shown both through his service to his community and throughout his campaign that he has the skills and enthusiasm necessary to be a strong voice for the Zone 6 community at the Board table. I am confident that his election would mean a truly representative and responsive voice for parents and other constituents in Alta Vista and Rideau/Rockcliffe.” Brockington announced on Wednesday.
Marshall responded that “I am very pleased and honoured to receive this endorsement. Trustee Brockington has a long history of service to the Board and his community and his confidence in me is very encouraging. If the voters of Zone 6 see fit to elect me on October 25th, I look forward to proving myself worthy of his endorsement.”

On the left, Trustee Brockington, on the right, John Marshall


Advance poll for Alta Vista: Jim Durrell Complex, 1265 Walkley Road,10 am – 8 pm

Advance poll for Rideau-Rockcliffe:  Rockcliffe Park Community Centre, 380 Springfield Road, 10 am – 8 pm

Remember to bring ID!

Kudos to the Alta Vista Public School Council for inviting all of the Zone 6 candidates to their meeting last night. We were each afforded a few minutes to say a little about ourselves and our plans should we be fortunate to be elected.

Following that, a number of members of the Council asked some very important and probing questions, such as:

  • what did we see as the most important and imminent issues facing AVPS?
  • what plans did we have to allow parents to become more involved in decisions made at the Board
  • how can the Board make School Councils more representative of the school communities that they represent?

Good questions, all.

I have to say that Alta Vista / Rideau-Rockcliffe is fortunate to have three quality candidates from whom to choose. Our platforms may differ. Our personalities are not the same. But it was clear last night that each of us is fervently committed to the future of public education in Ottawa. Thanks to Bronwyn and Mohamoud – you both spoke eloquently and from the heart!

So why don’t we have more of these sessions? I am sure that the other two candidates would agree when I say that it is important for parents to meet us and hear our ideas. They can then form an informed opinion about whose name they will place an “X” beside on election day.  Informed votes matter.

Let me emphasize that this is NOT like the Mayoral and Council elections, folks.

No sniping. No put-downs. None of that. We are civil and respect one another for having taken the decision to put their lives on hold for a while in order to try to win the Zone’s Trustee seat – and if successful, putting our lives on hold for 4 years!

So, how about it, School Councils? We are happy – and eager – for an opportunity to attend one of your meetings sometime before the October 25th election, and to let you know what we are all about.

I love opportunities to do what I am doing this evening: meeting and interacting with a school community.

Like I have said, good communication is key. And good communication begins on the campaign trail but cannot end on voting day.

If you are an Alta Vista PS parent, come on out to the AGM at 7 pm. Trustee candidates will be joining the meeting at 8.

I’m starting to get some good feedback about my campaign.

People seem to actually like the idea that I’m running in Zone 6. Go figger.

I guess they want to have a Trustee who will get back to them if they have an issue with their school or the Board. Or maybe it’s because they know that a new face means new ideas on how to tackle the Board’s problems. Or maybe they like my goatee.

I don’t know. But I and my team have yet to hear anything negative. Even the guy with the incumbent’s lawn sign out front took a card and said he’d read it!

Some quotes at the door, on Twitter or by email:

Just was delivered your card this afternoon.

Count on my vote.  I appreciate your desire to bring collaboration and responsiveness to our public school system.

I think it’s great that you’re doing this – don’t know how you find the time but I am glad to see a good person in the running!!

WOW! What a great change it would be to have someone who returns emails!

All the best on the campaign John!

The current Trustee seems to have lost her interest. So it’s great that you’re doing this!

Shucks (blush). Thanks all.

Today is registration day: the last day for candidates to register or drop out. It should be interesting to see what happens in some of the highly contested Wards and Zones.

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Have a good weekend – if you see me wandering around Alta Vista, stop and say hi!