October 12 Press Release

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October 12, 2010

*For immediate release*

Public School Board Candidate for Zone 6 outlines Trustee communication strategy

John Marshall, Zone 6 candidate (Alta Vista Rideau-Rockcliffe) announced today his plans for improving communications between the School Board, the Trustee and their communities.

“If we are to preserve local control over local education, we have to build better connections between the Board and their constituents. Just the other day, someone said to me: ‘Really? We vote for our School Board Trustees?’”
“This disconnect has to be addressed”.

Mr. Marshall is proposing a four-pronged approach to improving communications

  • Community response service standards will be set and implemented. If a family or another member of the community has a question or concern, it will be acknowledged within 24 hours
  • Engaging constituents through the Trustee website and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Not all communication problems can be solved digitally – but it does help, especially with younger members of our communities.
  • Marshall will form a Zone-wide Trustee Advisory Group that will meet regularly and will help guide him in over the next 4 years.
  • A motion will be introduced asking staff to look into the feasibility of live-streaming Board meetings as well as other ways to make proceedings more visible and transparent.

“These measures will improve communications between the school communities in Alta Vista and Rideau-Rockcliffe and the OCDSB. And this will make me a more effective Trustee.”

Mr. Marshall notes that through better communication and responsiveness, Ottawa families will learn more and become more engaged in Board activities.  And with the communities better engaged, Trustees will be able to count on support the next time Queen’s Park cuts funding or tries to take education decisions away from local elected representatives.

“We need to raise the bar on engagement with Ottawa families if we are to preserve local control of local education.”





Advance poll for Alta Vista: Jim Durrell Complex, 1265 Walkley Road,10 am – 8 pm

Advance poll for Rideau-Rockcliffe:  Rockcliffe Park Community Centre, 380 Springfield Road, 10 am – 8 pm

Remember to bring ID!

EMC coverage

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Check it out.

The reporter captured our discussion nicely. The only qualifier I would add would be to the remark about ads on vending machines as a way of generating revenue. I said that I would think that this would be an area that would be worth exploring and implementing as long as strict guidelines were set and monitored.

Other than that, it is a good piece.

You can also check out my articles in September’s Manor Park Chronicle and in this month’s Riverview Park Review (sorry, but I do not believe either is available on-line).

First, a huge thank you to those who have pounded the pavement with us and delivered flyers. We can’t tell you how much it means to us. All the great support – putting out signs, spreading the word about the election – we’re so very appreciative.

Now to some upcoming events:

October 13 – Riverview Park Community Association http://rpca.wordpress.com/

October 14 –
1 – Rockcliffe Park Residents’ Association http://www.rockcliffepark.ca/Elections2010.pdf

2 – Advance Vote Day 10am to 8 pm!! (for those on the south end of the Zone, the polling station is at Jim Durrell; in the north it’s the Rockcliffe Park Community Centre)

October 17 – Private local event

October 19 – Vincent Massey School Council meeting http://www.vincentmasseyps.ocdsb.ca/council.htm#OctoberCouncilNews

October 20 – Hawthorne Public School Council meeting

October 21& 22 – Campaign blitz (bus stops, more doors!)

October 23 – Break from campaign to attend the Pleasant Park/ Hawthorne Used Book Sale http://www.pleasantparkps.ocdsb.ca/index.php?id=34

October 25 – ELECTION DAY

Not a campaign event, but here is the link to the Board calendar for October: http://www.ocdsb.edu.on.ca/au_bot_meeting-dates.asp

You can find information about John’s candidacy in many places:


Elect John for Trustee

Web site

E-mail John:


As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! While we be out on the streets Saturday and Sunday, Monday is family time.


Kudos to the Alta Vista Public School Council for inviting all of the Zone 6 candidates to their meeting last night. We were each afforded a few minutes to say a little about ourselves and our plans should we be fortunate to be elected.

Following that, a number of members of the Council asked some very important and probing questions, such as:

  • what did we see as the most important and imminent issues facing AVPS?
  • what plans did we have to allow parents to become more involved in decisions made at the Board
  • how can the Board make School Councils more representative of the school communities that they represent?

Good questions, all.

I have to say that Alta Vista / Rideau-Rockcliffe is fortunate to have three quality candidates from whom to choose. Our platforms may differ. Our personalities are not the same. But it was clear last night that each of us is fervently committed to the future of public education in Ottawa. Thanks to Bronwyn and Mohamoud – you both spoke eloquently and from the heart!

So why don’t we have more of these sessions? I am sure that the other two candidates would agree when I say that it is important for parents to meet us and hear our ideas. They can then form an informed opinion about whose name they will place an “X” beside on election day.  Informed votes matter.

Let me emphasize that this is NOT like the Mayoral and Council elections, folks.

No sniping. No put-downs. None of that. We are civil and respect one another for having taken the decision to put their lives on hold for a while in order to try to win the Zone’s Trustee seat – and if successful, putting our lives on hold for 4 years!

So, how about it, School Councils? We are happy – and eager – for an opportunity to attend one of your meetings sometime before the October 25th election, and to let you know what we are all about.

I love opportunities to do what I am doing this evening: meeting and interacting with a school community.

Like I have said, good communication is key. And good communication begins on the campaign trail but cannot end on voting day.

If you are an Alta Vista PS parent, come on out to the AGM at 7 pm. Trustee candidates will be joining the meeting at 8.

Last night’s airing on Rogers TV of some of the Trustee candidates in Zones 1 through 6 was quite informative. The range of preparation and talent in front of the camera was very wide. Some were very, very comfortable and completely prepared. And of course, others not so much.

I think I fell into the former rather than the latter though there were a few candidates whose experience shone through much brighter than mine.

And that is that as far as television goes in this campaign – as far as we Trustee candidates are concerned. Some candidates may have something planned independently, but unlike the Council and Mayoral candidates, our 90 seconds of fame on Rogers is pretty much it.

Happily, people are taking the initiative and emailing questions about my stance on certain issues… keeps me busy but I’m glad to do my part in keeping our communities informed.

It may not be an interview with Peter Mansbridge, but I do appreciate Rogers TV Ottawa giving Trustee candidates 90 seconds to introduce themselves (or re-introduce themselves) to a wider audience.

I haven’t yet seen it, so it is an understatement for me to say that I am a bit nervous – more nervous in fact than I was when in front of the camera.

I hope you watch. And, as always, if you have any follow-up questions, you can email me at marshall4ocdsb@gmail.com. I am getting LOTS of questions and that is encouraging!

I am on Twitter quite a lot – my iPhone is a very good friend of mine – and something that I and others have noticed lately are a number of requests for a summary table of candidates.

Will over at Mos Publicus has tirelessly put together such a list on his blog. At the time of this writing, he has compiled the Mayoral list and was working on the Council list… a total of 140ish candidates! Go Will!

So… what you see below is my attempt at providing Ottawa voters with a summary of candidates for the OCDSB.

I went back and forth on a few things when putting this together. Should I list only challengers and not incumbents?Should I draw attention to the other to candidates who are running against your’s truly? I mean, should I really be giving incumbents more exposure than they already enjoy?

But in the end I remembered why I was running in this election: better communication… which leads to more transparency and a more informed electorate. Plus, I invite you to look at her information and compare the two of us.

So, what follows is as complete a list as I can come up with. IF there is information missing, PLEASE don’t yell at me but send me a note or make a comment in the comment field noting the omission and proving the correct details.

Emails are listed first and then website, if applicable. I did not hunt down Facebook or Twitter presence (except my own!), but the sites should have that info. Challengers are in red and bold font.


Zone 1 – West Carleton-March/Stittsville-Kanata West/Rideau-Goulbourn Ward


Lynn Scott: Lynnscott2010@acleris.com, www.acleris.com/dsb/lynnscott.html (incumb.)

Todd Johnson: No info.

Zone 2 – Kanata North/Kanata South Ward

Cathy Curry (incumb.): Cathy.curry@rogers.com, www.cathycurry.com

Christine Boothby: Christine.boothby@rogers.com, www.boothbyforkids.ca

Zone 3 – Barrhaven/Knoxdale-Merivale Ward

No incumbent

Donna Blackburn:  donnablackburn@sympatico.ca, donnablackburn.ca

Ismail Mohamed:   contact@ismailmohamed.ca, ismailmohamed.ca

Allan Halfper: halfper@gmail.ca, halfper.ca

Zone 4 – Bay Ward

Theresa Kavanagh: theresakavanagh.ca

Doug Lloyd: dlloyd@cambrian.ca, douglloyd.ca (incumb.)

Michael Pastien: m.pastien@yahoo.ca

Zone 5 – College Ward

Kimberly Brown: Kimberly_julia_brown@yahoo.ca

Pam FitzGerald: Pam_fitzgerald@sympatico.ca

Zone 6 – Rideau-Rockcliffe/Alta Vista Ward

Bronwyn Funiciello: Bronwyn@re-elect-funiciello.ca, re-elect-funiciello.ca (incumb.)

John Marshall: marshall4ocdsb@gmail.com, marshallzone6.wordpress.com, @marshall4ocdsb, Facebook fan page

Mohamoud Abdulle: Abdul4education@yahoo.ca

Zone 7 – Gloucester-South Nepean/Osgoode/Gloucester Southgate Ward

Two incumbents.

Dave Byron: Dave.byron@rogers.com

Mark Fisher:  Mark.fisher@rogers.blackberry.net, electmarkfisher.ca (incumb.)

Pam Morse: (No info.) (incumb.)

Zone 8 – Orléans/Cumberland Ward

Lale Eskicioglu:  Lale@ReadLiterature.com, lale-trustee.blogspot.com

John Shea:  John@johnshea2010.com,  johnshea2010.com (incumb.)

Zone 9 – Rideau-Vanier/Capital Ward

Rob Campbell:  rob@reelectrob.ca, reelectrob.ca (incumb.)

Helen Gruber: (no. info.)

Julian Kirby: julianfkirby@gmail.com

Lorne Rachlis: rachlis@rogers.com, lornerachlis.blogspot.com

Daniel Rogers: (no info.)

Zone 10 -Somerset/Kitchissippi Ward

Megan Carroll:  Megan4zone10@gmail.com, http://www.megancarroll.ca/

Jennifer McKenzie: jennifermck@sympatico.ca, jennifermckenzie.ca (incumb.)

Zone 11:

Acclaimed – Shirley Seward; shirleyseward@sympatico.ca

Zone 12 – Innes/Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward

No incumbent.

Katie Holzhauer: Katie.holtzhauer@gmail.com, katieholtzhauer.com

Why not do something that North Koreans can’t do?

Exercise your democratic right and VOTE!

Out of town for a while?

Advance polls are on Saturday! Contact us for info or go to vote.ca to find out where YOU can cast your ballot!

But PLEASE do VOTE! It is your right and your duty!