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  1. patty barrera says:

    wondering where you stand on Alternative Schools within the board?

    Patty Barrera

    • John says:

      Hi, and thanks for the question.

      Alternative schools aren’t for all children but the co-operative and cross age group style of learning has been proven to work well for some. And for that reason alone, I think this approach is worth the effort and funding.

      Innovation in approaches to education as well as the way education is delivered is good and necessary. Educational needs differ from child to child as much as one school is different from the next. Using the “cookie-cutter” approach in the way our children our taught or the way our schools are run simply does not work in a diverse community.

      It is unfortunate that the Board has directed staff to come up with a plan to develop a program consolidation plan for Manor Park Public School for implementation in September 2011. I would hope that the Board carefully considered all of its options before coming to this regrettable decision. I am happy to see that Trustee Funicello voted against this part of the motion. I would likely have done the same.

      I hope this has satisfactorily answered your question.

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