No calls from the Emmy committee, but I think I did just fine.

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Media, Platform
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Last night’s airing on Rogers TV of some of the Trustee candidates in Zones 1 through 6 was quite informative. The range of preparation and talent in front of the camera was very wide. Some were very, very comfortable and completely prepared. And of course, others not so much.

I think I fell into the former rather than the latter though there were a few candidates whose experience shone through much brighter than mine.

And that is that as far as television goes in this campaign – as far as we Trustee candidates are concerned. Some candidates may have something planned independently, but unlike the Council and Mayoral candidates, our 90 seconds of fame on Rogers is pretty much it.

Happily, people are taking the initiative and emailing questions about my stance on certain issues… keeps me busy but I’m glad to do my part in keeping our communities informed.

  1. Julia says:

    I actually watched you! And yes, you did fine. I could tell you were nervous but at least you looked at the camera. I made the mistake of putting notes on a lectern that they offered, off to one side. A friend said it looked like I was watching a crocodile creep up on me. My only suggestion “for next time” is that you could slow down a little – the nerves seemed to make you talk faster. But who am I kidding – I was a basket case.

    • John says:

      You were pretty good yourself! We are always our own worst critics, eh?
      Tough talking to a camera. I’d much rather be doing what I am doing tonight – speaking to real people at a School Council!

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