Some insights on the September 28 Board meeting

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Board meetings
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  • I’m glad that I attended. Other than Lorne Rachlis, I’m pretty sure I was the only OCDSB candidate in the room.
  • There are some powerful voices at the table – and some not so powerful ones.
  • The Chair, Cathy Curry, is quite strong in her role. I don’t know much about her stands on issues, but from the little I saw last night, she runs meetings well. As someone who has Chaired his share of meetings, I can appreciate the role she plays.
  • Trustee Brockington –  who decided to not re-seek his seat in Zone 11 – is very much a voice of calm and reason. I think the Board will be a little poorer with his loss.
  • The staff play an active role in the proceedings. This is not unusual in this type of governance structure. The Director is of a strong personality who does not back down easily from recommendations put forth by his staff.
  • Finally, kudos to the two student Board members, Elizabeth Blight and Eric Chen.  Lots for them to absorb but what a great way to be introduced to the machinery of democracy! I wish I had an opportunity like this as a high school student!

Ottawans should be largely happy with their Trustees. I’m (obviously) not saying that there can’t be improvements but these are hard-working people who care about the value of an effective, fair and efficiency system of public education.

Too bad that so few realize this.


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