Live Tweeting tonight’s Public Board meeting

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Board meetings
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As anyone who has read this blog could tell you, my main theme in this election has been the improvement of communication.

  • Communication between the Trustee and individual families.
  • Communication between the Trustee and the School Councils.
  • And finally, an improvement in communication between the Board and the wider community as a whole.

Tonight, I am going to show just how easily the final goal can be achieved – at least in part.

I will be at the OCDSB public meeting and will live Tweet the highlights of the discussions… meaning that anyone with a Twitter account will get a play-by-play of the proceedings.

Now, this is just a partial solution. Not everyone is on Twitter (though account set-up is easy, just click here) but most people do have an Internet connection (80% of Canadians 16 years old+), so live-streaming Board meetings makes a lot of sense if we want to make the Board proceedings more visible to our community.

It is cheap and easy to do. Increased visibility means increased interest in Board decisions. Increased interest means better democratic engagement. And by having more Ottawans engaged in education decision-making, we can go a long way to preserving what remains of local control of education decision-making in Ottawa and not Toronto.

Check out my Tweets starting at 8 pm tonight. My Twitter name is @marshall4ocdsb. It may not be like watching the meeting on your computer, but it is a small step forward.

See you in the Twitterverse!

BTW – why isn’t there a printable version of the OCDSB meeting Agenda?


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