Feedback – they like me… they really like me!

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Zone 6
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I’m starting to get some good feedback about my campaign.

People seem to actually like the idea that I’m running in Zone 6. Go figger.

I guess they want to have a Trustee who will get back to them if they have an issue with their school or the Board. Or maybe it’s because they know that a new face means new ideas on how to tackle the Board’s problems. Or maybe they like my goatee.

I don’t know. But I and my team have yet to hear anything negative. Even the guy with the incumbent’s lawn sign out front took a card and said he’d read it!

Some quotes at the door, on Twitter or by email:

Just was delivered your card this afternoon.

Count on my vote.  I appreciate your desire to bring collaboration and responsiveness to our public school system.

I think it’s great that you’re doing this – don’t know how you find the time but I am glad to see a good person in the running!!

WOW! What a great change it would be to have someone who returns emails!

All the best on the campaign John!

The current Trustee seems to have lost her interest. So it’s great that you’re doing this!

Shucks (blush). Thanks all.

  1. Julia says:

    I love it when that happens. It’s like getting comments on your blog for the first time.

    I ordered my signs at Kelly and I am happy even though I haven’t even got them yet! They were most accommodating. My sister designed the sign for me and even that was a nice experience. Excelsior!

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