Help me make the Trustee elections more visible!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Media

Two months before the 2010 Ottawa municipal elections, much media attention is being thrown the way of the Mayoral and Council races – but almost nothing about the School Board Trustee elections in any of the four Boards.

Check this out, for example. OttawaStart has a comprehensive listing of all candidates by Ward – with links to websites where applicable. And this is great! But why not include a list of Trustee candidates? I have emailed OttawaStart about this so hopefully we’ll see something soon.

In the meantime, I urge everyone to talk about Trustee candidates in your Zone. If you are active in the social media, link to websites, Tweet about interesting ideas, chat about local education issues.

Education policy decision-making and decision makers may not be as “sexy” in the eyes of the media but these are issues that are every bit as important as those faced by our candidates for Council and the Mayor’s office. Speak up for education!

Look at this candidate, for example:

Lale is running in Zone 8, is another new face, and has some really good ideas for the folks in Orleans/Cumberland!


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