Wi-Fi in schools: good or bad?

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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Parents in Barrie, Ontario, asked their School Board to remove wi-fi routers form the area school because of concerns that the electro-magnetic radiation is harming their children.

I haven’t yet seen any verifiable evidence that wireless networks have adverse effects on human health. But all parents should follow this debate as it unfolds and decide for themselves. If harmful effects are one day proven to be real, then all other wireless devices would presumably be implicated as well – wireless phones, for example.

In any case, I do believe that we should wait for more evidence before panicking.

Read this story for more information.

  1. L K Tucker says:

    The problem is real but it isn’t WiFi. A hint is that teachers and staff are unaffected.

    It’s called Subliminal Distraction exposure and it’s more dangerous than the proposed WiFi EMR exposure.

    Video from CBC News shows students using computers while sitting in each other’s peripheral vision. That’s Subliminal Distraction.

    Discovered forty years ago when it caused mental breaks for office workers the cubicle was designed to deal with the vision startle reflex to stop it by 1968.

    With enough exposure students could have the mental break that allowed the original discovery. Wandering outside in a confused altered mental state would lead to hypothermia before anyone realized the student was missing.

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